Karen Pratt

  • Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA) education
  • Personal Coach – PCC ICF, Diploma in Coaching (Coaching Development)
  • Coach Supervisor – Diploma in Coach Supervision (Coaching Development)
  • Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator and Coach – (Company of Experts)

I am based in Cape Town and willing to work in other centres. I work through Zoom with many of my coaching and supervision clients around the globe.

I am involved in transformational and development work both with individuals and groups.

My specialisation is as an educational Transactional Analyst. This encompasses learning and teaching in all its guises – whether as individual personal growth, parenting, formal teaching, leading, training, mentoring, or coaching.

I specialise in Personal Coaching, working with people in times of transition enabling transformative change. I supervise coaches, TA trainees and others in various roles of working with other people.
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I run regular TA training programs, both for personal and professional development and for those people moving towards certification as Transactional Analysts.
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As an Appreciative Inquiry facilitator, I run change and development processes in schools, NGO’s, interest groups, churches, etc.


My philosophy

I come from a place of mutual respect for all people and have a curiosity to learn about others. I believe in each person’s inherent ability to think for herself and decide to change. My busy life is underpinned by a contemplative spiritual strand which enables me to be completely present with each person or group.

My interest in quantum physics and spirituality inspires who I am and how I work with people. I believe in possibilities…

What do you love so much that you’d pay to do it?

In that culture, at that time, certain ways of being were not possible.