TA 101

The 101 Course is the officially recognised introductory course in TA. It covers an internationally agreed syllabus including the full range of TA concepts and shows how these can be applied in social, family, educational and organisational settings. Participants receive a 101 Verification certificate and qualify to apply for regular membership of the South African Transactional Analysis Association (SATAA) and the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA). The 101 course affords entry into ongoing TA study and the first level of qualification as a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA). Participants will learn the key concepts of TA and how to apply them in their personal and professional lives to develop:

  • Communication skills for healthy relationships
  • Motivation skills to support individual and group aspirations
  • Emotional intelligence to enrich all aspects of life
  • Ways of understanding and working with aspects of diversity
  • Assertiveness skills for leadership that empowers
  • Stress management skills and setting boundaries to manage self
  • Time management skills to optimise working together in groups and teams
  • Problem-solving skills to promote peaceful decision-making

The workshops are experiential and there is ample time for participants to make sense of the concepts by applying them to their particular situations and so begin integrating them into their lived experience. This is a 12-hour workshop run over two consecutive days.

This course carries 12 CCE UNITS (All 12 CC)

Learning areas:

  1. Definition and underlying values of TA (value base of TA, contractual method, areas of application)
  2. Overview of the development of TA (from Berne to current TA thinking)
  3. Theory of personality structure (motivational theory, structural and functional ego states, contaminations, strengthening and expanding the integrating Adult)
  4. Theory of communication (transactions, strokes, social time structuring)
  5. Theory of life patterns – script (scripts –cocreative identity, script messages and development, script matrix, updating script messages – beliefs and decisions, games, drama and winners triangle, racket analysis to explain internal processes, life positions, discounting and accounting)
  6. TA methodology (use in different fields of specialisation)


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TA 202


This 2-day workshop, building on the TA 101, will deepen your TA understanding of how people can continue to make new meaning of who they are in the world. As agents of change, learn how to spot the key moments of potential change and use them to their full potential. There will be time for trying out the application of these tools with clients as well as time for self-reflection. You will learn different ways of thinking about change with your clients, as well as explore deepening your relationship with yourself.

This course carries 12 CCE UNITS (11 CC & 1 RD)


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Online TA Foundation Group (TAFY) 2024

This advanced TA group is open to all people who have already attended the official introductory workshop to Transactional Analysis – the TA 101. It can be a stand-alone programme that deepens your understanding of the TA models, or be the first step of ongoing TA training towards the international certification of Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA). See IBOC Certification & Examinations Handbook for the details of the CTA training and certification.

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This course carries 69 CCE units (46 CC and 23 RD)

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Online Advanced Educational TA group – 2024

This training group is the next step after a solid foundational study of TA. It builds on classical TA models and adds in an educational TA perspective – both in terms of the philosophy of learning and how that translates into the practical application of TA within an educational context (small groups, teams, individuals being coached, schools, teachers, community groups etc) It supports the growing development of your identity as a TA educator. It is a multi-level training group with rich learning across the levels.

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Online CTA exam group

This group has advanced trainees who are preparing for their CTA exam in the Educational Field. We meet for a few hours each month and the agenda is co-created each time to meet the needs of the group.

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Applied Transactional Analysis in Coaching

This programme brings to life Part 3 of the book Transactional Analysis for Coaching. (Routledge) by Karen Pratt (2021) It is run for Coaching Development.

This well received book, already translated into Japanese and French, serves as a succinct book of TA frameworks most practically suited to inform coaches (and other people involved in learning). Part 1 describes and diagrams fifteen TA frameworks. The three chapters in Part 2 reflect on the approach of using TA in coaching and the philosophy of learning. Part 3 explores the practical application of TA in coaching.

Participants will have the opportunity for deepening their own self awareness and coaching presence, as well as time to practise using the TA approaches in coaching sessions in pairs and triads during the sessions. Participants will benefit by having attended a TA 101 and having read the first fifteen chapters in Part 1of the book. Each chapter is short and carries the essence of each TA framework. This is a practical book to inspire you to be different in your way of being and doing coaching. In each chapter there are references for deeper reading about each of the frameworks, should that interest you.

Participants registering for this course receive a student discount on the book ordered directly from Routledge. Use the code: EFL 03 (valid till 31st December 2023)

Dates: Wednesdays 10th, 17th, 23rd and 30th January 2024

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School Programmes

We offer a variety of programs to empower educators, learners and their communities.

Together with a team of TA educators, I offer an internationally linked TA certificate for both educators and learners in schools through the Institute of Developmental Transactional Analysis (IDTA). The Transactional Analysis Proficiency Award for Teachers and Educators (TAPATE) runs over 2 terms. Teachers experientially learn 10 TA concepts. They choose 6 concepts that make the most impact in their life and work in the classroom and prepare a portfoio of evidence showing how they have used these concepts. The international awards are presented by an international TA moderator at a Celebration Day, based not on a pass or fail system; instead the emphasis is on acknowledging the involvement of candidates in a TA-based learning process.

The Transactional Analysis Proficiency Award for Children and Young Adults (TAPACY) is the next phase where the teachers teach the TA concepts to their learners as part of the Life Orientation curriculum. The learners likewise collect a portfolio of evidence showing their use of 6 TA concepts in the classroom, playground and at home and receive their international certificate and badge at their own Celebration Day.

We suggest that a few schools cluster to enable peer learning and encouragment to strengthen the process.

TA offers both educators and learners alike the emotional understanding and language to enable schools to become centres of excellence in learning. These attitudes, knowledge and skills then also impact families and communities.

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