Here is what participants from the Coaching Essentials Coach Training have said:

“This coaching course has changed so many things for me – increased my self-awareness, developed new skills and expanded my passion for the possibilities of the coaching process”
– Chantelle Allan, Ghana

“Great course to teach you the fundamentals and more of the ICF framework of coaching. Great learning experience – I benefited greatly even as someone who has coached a lot over the years”

“Co-active coaching provides an opportunity for transformation and change”

“A wonderful immersion in a coach training journey. Energising, forward moving, engaging and interactive. The modules had a wonderful flow and were well paced. All the content was thought-provoking and relevant to my development as a coach, and also with regard to the personal value derived from the coaching I received. This course brings out the best in participants”
– Stephen Davis [Founder of Beyond the Summit-Coaching and Facilitation]

Here is what people say about the interactive virtual TA 101 workshop

“Karen’s TA 101 workshop was more than I could’ve imagined it being regarding the in-depth knowledge that was shared as well as how the course was run. Karen is incredibly meticulous in her ability to teach complex information and accessibility for her students. Being in a virtual classroom was very powerful as we were able to see all the students well, contribute in smaller break out rooms that alleviated any anxiety or animosity that I usually experience in group work and we didn’t waste any time during breaks and moving from one activity to the next. What I loved even more was that we were able to experience the virtual workshop with students from around the world, which would not have been possible otherwise! I’m very grateful for the doing the course and will certainly be continuing my learning journey of TA due to such a wonderful experience.”

– Nicola S

“Karen has a wonderful authentic, real and caring approach to this very insightful, deep and transformational topic. I found this online session to be hugely thought- provoking and highly engaging with just the right amount of edge! Thank you Karen, you are fabulous”

– Lauren R,
Leadership Development Practitioner

“I really enjoyed the online platform. Helped me to feel comfortable learning in my own space at home. I think it is up to the individual how much you get out of it. You can choose to be distracted and zone out or choose to stay engaged with the group online and derive more benefit from it. Highly recommend for couples to do together.”

– Dr J

Here is what participants from TA groups have said:

“Karen’s attentive, constant and supportive coaching style has enabled me to grow in exciting and unimagined ways. I find her use of TA very valuable, bringing definite tools to the process, and her flexibility in allowing me to go at my own pace has been affirming of my ownership of this journey”.
– Emily

“The TA 101 course added so much to me as a person as well as to my coaching practice. It is amazing how quickly I could implement what I have learnt and experience in this course into my own coaching. Just in the 2 days, I overcame some personal barriers, which I am so grateful for. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the training. I strongly recommend this course to everyone involved in people development”.
– Heléne du Toit
Certified New Insights Life Coach

“In TA 101 with Karen, I gained a very good overview of what TA is. Karen introduced valuable tools and we could immediately experience how they bring subconscious processes within ourselves and in our interaction with others to consciousness. I see this as the basis for living an authentic life of responsible action instead of reflexive reaction”.
– Dr. H. Titilayo Seriki
Founder and Director
International Management Consultants

“Karen uyakwazi ukuyicacisa into ayithethayo xa efundisa uthi nokuba ubungaqondi utsho ucacelwe, ngenene uKaren womelele uqinisekile ngento ayenzayo, Lo mfazi unobubele noncumo uneskills ezingumangaliso”.
iMessage asinkileyo yengenakulibaleka

Thanks to the group from one participant:

“I would like to sincerely thank you each for taking part in one of the most influential positive processes of my life. Each of you has added your own flavour to my understanding of TA and myself, and it is undoubtedly true that without you, individually and collectively, my emergence at the end of the course would not have been the same as it is with you”.
– Alex

Karen – every interaction with you has been meaningful. Your core is genuine, reflected in your work and the way you relate. You give enough presence for security but enough space for individual growth, expression, and learning.
– Giselle

“It is well to remember, my son, that the entire population of the universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others”

– J A Holmes